Rural Development Program 2014 - 2020 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: "Europe invests in rural areas"

Announcement for holding "Exhibition of products and promotion of services - specific to the territory of "Kichika""



holding of "PRODUCT EXHIBITION AND PROMOTION OF SERVICES - SPECIFIC FOR THE TERRITORY "KICHIKA" - MADAN - RUDOZEM" on 26.08.2023 and 27.08.2023 in City Park - Madan: renovated terrain according to project: BG06RDNP001-19.476 -0010 "Research and popularization of local identity on the territory of MIG "KICHIKA" - MADAN - RUDOZEM and introduction of innovations for sustainable development" according to Administrative Contract No. RD 50-46 of 06.10.2022, financed under the Rural Development Program for the period 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

The event will be open to the community of the two municipalities (Madan and Rudozem), who will have the opportunity to learn about local products and services, specific and developing in the territory. >

Registration for the participation of persons and organizations who have expressed a desire to promote their products and/or services - specific to the territory of the LAG:

or at the following addresses:

  • Madan, 35 "Rodopi" St., office 209;
  • Madan, 14 Obedinenie St., floor 4, office 402;
  • City of Rudozem, 15 "Bulgaria" Blvd., 1st floor /information center/.