Rural Development Program 2014 - 2020 European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: "Europe invests in rural areas"

About us

Association "Local Initiative Group "Kichika" - Madan - Rudozem" is a voluntary, independent organization with a non-profit purpose for carrying out activities for the public benefit, established as a form of public-private partnership between representatives of the public, business and non-profit sectors from the territory of the municipalities Madan and Rudozem, with the mandatory participation of Madan Municipality and Rudozem Municipality.

The main goals of the Association are:

  • Sustainable development of the territory of the MIG "Kicika" - Madan - Rudozem, including the entire territory of Madan municipality and Rudozem municipality;
  • Promotion of social inclusion and poverty reduction;
  • An integrated approach to the environment by conserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency, including activities for risk prevention and management and for using the potential of cultural heritage;
  • Focusing on innovation by promoting its implementation in practice;
  • Promotion of sustainable and quality employment and support for workforce mobility;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of local economies and opportunities to create local businesses, including through diversification, alternative activities and sustainable production;
  • Improving the quality of education and raising the qualifications of the population;
  • Development of organizational capacity and increase of public activity on the territory of the MIG for the implementation of activities contributing to the achievement of the goals of the Association;
  • Encouraging and ensuring the representation, active inclusion and participation of as wide a range of community members and stakeholder groups as possible;
  • Participation in partner networks for cooperation in the implementation of joint projects with other MIGs or related organizations at the regional, national and international level;
  • The development of territorial cooperation within each of the sectors represented in the ASSOCIATION;
  • The building of civil society, dialogue and transparency through implementation of civil initiatives and cooperation with state institutions, local and regional authorities.